Development Trust


The Development Trust was established to support the Knysna Sport Academy by providing funding and other financial assistance to the academy for the furtherance of it’s Development Programme and related activities, to ensure that this work can be continued in accordance with the Academy’s Mission and Objectives

Auixilliary Objectives are:

  • To generate interest in and support for the Academy:
  • To raise funds to be used for the benefit of the Academy at the sole discretion of the Trustees:
    • To contribute towards the costs of enrolling and coaching Development players (children whose households cannot afford the fees otherwise payable to the Academy)
    • To contribute towards the costs of meals, transport, accommodation for Development players and other costs incurred by their participation in the Schools activities
    • To give assistance, when it is requested, to present and former Sport Academy Development players who are selected to Provincial or Regional teams
    • To finance, wholly or in part, important items of capital expenditure which the Trustees may consider justified
  • To provide assistance to the Academy in any other respect that the Trustees may consider justified.


 Lara Barnard, Suzi Giliomee, C. Mathiesen;   Chick  Ramsay; Derrick Ikin; Pam Tudin, Mark Willemse.


The Trust is audited by Michaelides & Co. of 12 Clyde Street, Knysna


The Secretary
The Knysna Sport School Development Trust
PO Box 498
Knysna 6570.
Tel. 044-3840548/ Fax. 044 384 1129



The Knysna Sport School Development Trust

Standard Bank, Knysna

Account :   281 961 557

Branch Code:  05 03 14